W Hotel Seoul - Confused Image by Tyler Wood

The chic interior and design coupled with their advertising of young, trendy people partaking in art and fashion along side their support of equal treatment and innovation tells the tale of a sleek, modern hotel brand that caters to the young and progressive. Pushing the ideas of equality and art also infers the idea that they are open to foreign exchange and cultural openness. That’s what I thought – until I stayed there.

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Jjimjilbang (찜질방) by Tyler Wood

The jjimjilbang is the Korean version of Turkish baths. I have never been to a Turkish bath, but I understood the idea. I was about to walk into a room full of naked Korean men and attempt to walk while staring at the ceiling. I was expecting to get into the place, get undressed and get in the showers and then put on the outfits they give us and go into the baths in the coed place. That is what I was expecting.

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Land of Amusement - Seoul Theme Park Review by Tyler Wood

Coming to Seoul as a visitor you may not consider going to an Amusement park because you think you will be busy seeing historic and cultural artifacts and architecture - and you may be right - but I am here indefinitely, and I love me some roller-coasters sucka! I am not interested in the outdated ideas of being "cultured". I am interested in the present culture of Korea, and they love their amusement parks. So do I, which makes this part of my acculturation very easy.

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