For 13.5 billion years we slept in a state of molecules swirling through the universe, burning, exploding, combining, only to converge in our mothers womb. A spark of the brain and we switch from asleep to a conscious being, eventually self-aware. Able to consider our place. For a split second in the grand time - we live - only to be extinguished again back into particles and sleep - darkness. Our fear of that inevitable darkness - sleep without self-awareness - has caused us to create unimaginable worlds we hope to enter, like the play is over and we'll gather again backstage and celebrate once the curtain has been closed. There is no gathering. All that have lived before you, and died before you, have walked off-stage alone as well. What matters is whether you're walking off-stage to a standing ovation or an empty house. I want to give it my all on-stage because there is only one opening night and no return curtain calls. Just the return to stardust floating through space.

My curtain opened in Seattle. However, I have lived, studied, and worked in London, Saigon, New Jersey, and since 2009 in Seoul. I write to fight off the voices in my head, I take photographs to fight off the slipping memories and stop time, and I teach to fight cognitive entropy for our species. I plan to see and do much more before the curtain call. I hope we can share a stage one day. 

Great talk, I'll see you out there!


                                                 Tyler Coolidge Wood



Always bring protection....

Contact: tr3ocrue@gmail.com