Halloween Exotic Dance Party by Tyler Wood

This was the second year I have been able to attend Hellow Pinup Star Pole & Exotic Dance Halloween Party in Cheongdam. This is a more intimate performance than the Korea Pole Sport Championship and less stress for the performers. It is a much more relaxed and encouraging environment. Many of the performers were students, in fact. The show got kicked off with a bang with the T.I.P. Crew putting on a breakdance clinic. Including some pretty amazing moves from a guy missing a leg. It was a better performance than the one they did for the KPSC show. More intricate and in sync.

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Korea Pole Sport Championship by Tyler Wood

On September 27th at Kookmin University, past the children in amoeba-shaped groups hovering over a soccer ball on a field and their attentive parents with drinks to rush to them at half-time, was something far more interesting. A sport that includes large colorful eyelashes, six-pack abs, and a vertical pole. It wasn’t pole vaulting, it was one of the largest pole dancing events in Korea - The Korea Pole Sport Championship. 

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