Halloween Exotic Dance Party / by Tyler Wood

Twas the weekend before Halloween and the poles were unpacked
Not a creature was stirring, because they were stretching their backs
The Halloween decorations were hung on the ceilings with care
while the dancers in their sexy costumes prepared their hair.


This was the second year I have been able to attend Hellow Pinup Star Pole & Exotic Dance Halloween Party in Cheongdam. This is a more intimate performance than the Korea Pole Sport Championship and less stress for the performers. It is a much more relaxed and encouraging environment. Many of the performers were students, in fact. The show got kicked off with a bang with the T.I.P. Crew putting on a breakdance clinic. Including some pretty amazing moves from a guy missing a leg. It was a better performance than the one they did for the KPSC show. More intricate and in sync.

After the first performance, my friend and I went to the bar and got our free bottles of makgeolli and were ready for the rest of the show. The show was a mix between students that were trying their best to one of the judges from the KPSC, Nayoung Choi, just destroying it. The 9 year old performed again, but this time there were no awkward interviews after, thankfully.

During the intermission, I was called on stage and played some game I didnʼt fully understand with a Japanese guy. I lost and he hit me over the head as hard as he could with a balloon mallet, but I got him back when I won. We were playing for a bottle of alcohol. He beat me in the end, though. After my game, my friend was trying to dance his way to a free bottle, but was beat with some sexy grinding.

Jack Sparrow made an appearance again and nearly spun the pole off the ceiling. There was a nice hula performance and what seemed like an attempt at a Guinness Book Record for most girls on a pole at one time.

All in all it was a fun event with sexy costumes and exotic dancing with free makgeolli, what could be better?