Koh Tao for Christmas by Tyler Wood

Was there a sale on neon tube lighting or something? The streets of Thailand are lit up like the Vegas strip – if the Vegas strip were in Alabama. Thousands of the exact same sized tube lights in an assortment of colors lined the streets and made into shapes like peacock feathers spinning on overpasses. I’m supposed to be able to sleep on this bus ride? I’m more likely to have a seizure. The road’s smell goes from sewage to s’mores. It might ruin my fondness of s’mores. The overnight bus was a double decker and I was sat upstairs next to three Korean girls traveling to Koh Tao as well. Can’t escape Korea.

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Kyoto Gallery by Tyler Wood

A quiet city so trendy it's completely retro; from the sea-foam taxi's to the small-town America style diner's and all the bicycles, it felt like a time-warp. Then you turn a corner and enter Imperial Japan and cross paths with a geisha or two walking the narrow cobble-stone streets lined with secretive tearooms and expensive Japanese steakhouses. In a city with double the population of Seattle it seems much less crowded and hectic. It felt eerily like home but in another time and place. I can't wait to get back to experience more of what Japan has to offer!

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