Osaka Gallery / by Tyler Wood

I spent a weekend in Osaka on a whim. Osaka is a large city that feels very small and walkable. I arrived at night so I decided to walk around and see what I could find. I was on the hunt for some good ramen, but who could pass up a place called "Super Exciting Amusement World"?




The famous sign

Getting hungry, so I followed the smell of hot soup.

I found this guy - and ramen.

And giant gyoza

Tennoji Park

A small shrine on the walk from the subway to Tennoji Park

I managed to take a wrong turn and get myself onto a walkway that had a fence that went through Tennoji Park, but I couldn't get off the walkway. I walked past the park and over the zoo to Sinsekai, so I decided to investigate and find some food.

But who can pass up such characters?

Effeminate Clown Conan accepts Visa

Finally made it to Tennoji Park just in time for Oktoberfest celebrations

More to come...