Introduction by Tyler Wood


Bringing Education into the 21st Century

The world is changing fast. Students today are increasingly preparing for jobs that don't even exist when they are in school. The world of innovation has depleted the need for factory-style repetition and instead seeks creative, critical thinkers capable of living in the 21st century digital world. Educators shouldn't shy away from technology. We need to develop new strategies for utilizing these innovations to make a more dynamic and relevant classroom experience. 

Below is a link to my Personal Learning Experience (PLE), where I keep links and tools that can be useful in a classroom. I hope it can help others as it helps me. In this ever-changing world, my PLE will be ever-changing as well. 

I have used many of these tools in class and still more are tools and sites I hope to implement more into my class. Below is a link to my in-depth summaries of my top five tools and sites that I plan to implement in class. 

Summaries of my Top Five


As I grow and learn myself, so too will my classroom experience. This is a constantly evolving site for a constantly evolving educator in a constantly evolving world. I hope you can glean something useful here. Thank you for joining me on my journey.