Make Performance Expectations Clear / by Tyler Wood

Learning should not be a maze the students have to figure out. They should be focused on learning the material and skills. Grades should not be a surprise and confusing. As educators, we should be helping the students understand the end goal. They should know where we are going so they will be more inclined to understand the path to get there. 

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Students who have a clear understanding of the path to reach their goals will have more buy in to the learning process. They will care more when they are a part of the process and not just being told what to do all the time. In Finland, they have a more student-centered approach. To learn more about the Finnish model, click the button below. 

One way to help students understand expectations for particular tasks is to make a rubric. Rubrics can help students focus on what their work should show so it is not a vague idea. They can look at the rubric and assess their work directly according to the teachers expectations of the assignment. 

Click below to see the rubric I made for a specific standard in order to help students understand the performance expectations. This also includes my reasoning and reflections for making the rubric. 

Performance Rubric


Template of Rubric, Error Analysis, and Student Progress Tracker

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