Introduction / by Tyler Wood

Understanding best practices as an educator is great. Implementing best practices in your class is even better, but to really make an impact, good ideas and methods need to be shared and expanded. This section is about expanding programs from the idea board of your singular classroom to the school or district. I will be walking through some ideas for how to deal with implementing a new program in a school or district by using my plans and experiences in doing just that at my school in Seoul, South Korea. 

Below is a link to a quick clip by Derek Sivers talking about leadership. He uses a video of a lone dancer on the grass hill at The Gorge Amphitheater overlooking the Columbia River to make a point about the idea of 'the leader'. 

Making change, as we see from the clip, is about getting others to legitimize your initial plan, otherwise you are the "lone nut". Your idea must be one that others want to follow. Which means we must understand the motivations of the learners. I will walk through some ways to organize a group, create meaning for the learners, and ultimately succeed in expanding your ideas past your singular classroom doors. 

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