Additional Instructional Methods/Approaches for CLD Students / by Tyler Wood

Previously, I wrote about three major instructional approaches for CLD students. An additional method I will discuss here, is a method I use frequently in my class. It is under the umbrella of the cognitive approach and is the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (or CALLA method). "The CALLA method ... is designed to enrich the language that CLD students can use for academic communication. At the same time, CALLA is designed to further the abilities of CLD students to comprehend the discourse of the various content areas and to enhance their capacities to be academically successful in those subject areas" (Herrera & Murry, 2011, p 219). Click below for more information on the CALLA method.

In my class, I tend to use the CALLA method because I find that when the students learn the metacognitive strategies of learning (thinking about how they learn) the can use those strategies to learn outside the four walls of the classroom. They begin to learn how they learn and apply that knowledge to situations that I, the educator, haven't set up as a learning experience. That, in my opinion, is the true essence of teaching. When the students no longer need a teacher for them to learn effectively. Below is a lesson plan I made using the CALLA method.

Tyler's CALLA Method Lesson Plan


Herrera, S. G.., & Murry, K.G.. (2011). Mastering ESL and Bilingual Methods. (2nd ed). Boston: Pearson Education Inc.

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