An American in Apgujeong / by Tyler Wood

I have been living in Apgujeong for 3 years now and I realized that many people don't know much about it. I'm not talking about the huddled masses shopping at the over-hyped outdoor shopping mall of Gangnam, but the area of Apgujeong Rodeo and Sinsa's Garusugil. These places are famous for shopping and being posh, but many foreigners only know about Monkey Beach. One of the best burger places in this country was here and shut down because people weren't coming, so that's partly why I decided to write this blog, to show that there is good food and things to do outside Itaewon. This blog is for those interested in the area but not interested in going to the same places over and over again because you are worried about dropping too much cash on a mistake. I got your back.